"The purpose of art is to be totally present, so there is everything in one moment". These meaningful words are taken from Anish Kapoor's notes. The question arises: could one be present among us, who is not able to express "everything in one moment"? One, who was excluded by death from the sphere of influence on these notions? Can Art give total Opportunity or Capacity to see people, who have crossed borders of this world? Can we connect with them on sensual level by these means?

Notary offices offer Russians to decorate tombs by photographs, engravings, colorful medallions or even sculptures. Naivety, pain and absolute insecurity in front of death, how can we oppose that? – Only by life, because life is about NOW. Life is about HERE.

Memory really resembles photo camera: it only captures moments, seconds, that form our life, but they are not life itself. There are photos of my grandmother and grandfather on the graveyard, these photos are just memory, they don't represent of course life itself. Nothing will recreate, write or capture their bright lives better than a mirror, where you can find reflection of anyone who is alive. We can be captured by photos, we even can be captured by coffin. This idea is represented by Chuck Palahniuk in his novel "Choke": "Photo is an immediate death".

I will see my close ones in my own reflection, even those, who I have never seen by myself. I will see them in their grimaces, in ordinary sneeze, in their blinking, in shadow, in breathing – in all beauty and ordinariness of life. They were alive. Now I can find them and see them only in life. In my own reflection – reflection of my life. This connection is fragile and this is going to be a never ending relay race.

People used to remind each other in 16th century: "Memento mori". I want to suggest you in 21st century– "Memento vitae".

Memento vitae
Installation, mirror, earth, 2020
Photographer: Laura Kudryavtseva
Video: Tasya Spektor
asia zaslavskaia
[asya zaslavskaya]