My artistic practice is aimed at creating, identifying and material fixation of the relationship between the past, present and future.
Human pursuits, questions of religion, local socio-cultural narratives create simultaneously existential and ironic objects. In many of my works, I study the manifestations of memory in the present. The present in these works is transmitted through a mirror, thus occupying a central place both formally and semantically. The search for connections between the past and the present becomes an occasion to reflect on the now.

By virtue of my experience in architecture and restoration, I am a multidisciplinary artist, turning to the medium that best suits the individuality of the created object.
It is important for me to establish a close emotional connection between the spectator and the object, whether it be the direct living-through of the installation by the spectator, turning the spectator into a part of the work or using the spectator's personal experience to create a deeper contact with the object.
BA London Metropolitan University (MARSH, Moscow, 2021)
Restoration college No.2 (Moscow, 2018)
DEZ № 5 Architectural studio of Mikhail Labazov
2024 Vyksa, Vyksa
2023 Radiance Center for Contemporary Art, Apatyty
2023/2022 Winzawod CCA, Moscow
2022 "Oktava", Tula
2021 NCCA, Vladikavkaz
2019/2020 Garage Residency, Moscow
2016 NCCA, Vladikavkaz
"Blood, Tears and Sweat",, Museum of Moscow, Moscow
"Cultural Code of the City", Oktava, Tula
"Apophenia", Ground Solyanka, Moscow
"Secret Everyday", Cube.Moscow, Moscow and Museum of Yuri Orlov, Yaroslavl
"Secret Everyday", Cube Moscow, Moscow
"Postcards. Winter", The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Moscow
"Artificial Review", NCCA, Vladikavkaz
"Routs to the Imaginary", "Alanika. Experimental method "(within the framework of the international art symposium), NCCA, Vladikavkaz
"Postcards of artists", Pogodina Gallery, Moscow
"IP Vinogradov", opening of exhibition space and residences, IP Vinogradov, Moscow
"Memento Vitae", Nikola-Lenivets
"A Beautiful Night for all the People", 2nd Garage Tiennial of russian contemporary art, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
"Volgafest", Samara
"Dust", project '"The Rooms", Moscow
"Ping-Pong Ball", Garage Museum of Contemporary Art Studios, Moscow
Pre-auction exhibition (Contemporary Art, Sculpture, Collectible Design and Furniture), Auction House and Art Gallery Litfund, Moscow
"Little Formality", Gustave Fnomer exhibition space, Moscow
"The Rooms", project '"The Rooms", Moscow
"We Don't Know What It Was and How It Will End", Pogodina Gallery, Moscow
"RAYON.0", Museum of Moscow, Moscow
"???", Pogodina Gallery, Moscow
"ХЗ", Pogodina Gallery, Moscow
"Others", Center for Contemporary Art, Grozny
"Alanika. Experimental method "(within the framework of the international art symposium), NCCA, Vladikavkaz
"Others" (within the framework of the symposium of young contemporary artists ART CAUCASUS NEXT), NCCA, Vladikavkaz
"Co-author", Centre for Urban Culture, Perm
"Co-author", gallery "New wing", Moscow
2015 "OR-NA-MENT", studio DEZ No. 5, All-Russian Museum of Decorative Art, Moscow
2014 "Where the Wind Blows?", DEZ studio No.5, Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, Moscow
2013 "And yet it is flat'', Cultural Center ZIL, Moscow
2012 "Weightless", studio DEZ №5, Artplay Design Center, Moscow
2011 "Meeting place", studio DEZ №5, Polytechnic Museum, Moscow
2010 "Who to Be?", studio DEZ №5, Lyon City Hall, Lyon, France
2009-2010 "Who to be?", Studio DEZ №5, (Moscow International Biennale for Young Art), Artplay Design Center, Moscow
2015 - 2009 DEZ № 5

"Welcome, or no Trespassing", Rovesnik, Moscow

"I am", ACADEMY studio, Moscow
2020, 2022 Vladey
2020 Litfund
"Where the Wind Blows", private house near "Truth" station
"Story", Radiance Center for Contemporary Art, Apatyty
"1415", Masters, Moscow
"Feast on culture", Newnow, U Contemporary gallery, Moscow
"Сataloge", Pogodina Gallery, Moscow
"Postcards From Artists", Institute of Art Studies, Moscow
"Interleaving", Interleaving, DNT Planovyy Rabotnik
Cosmoscow, Elohovskiy Gallery, Moscow
"On the Other Side of the River", Museum-Laboratory "Silk Factory", Kolomna
Contour, Pogodina Gallery, Nizhny-Novgorod
4th Biennale of urban art "Artmossphere", Winzawod CCA, Moscow
"New Year's Message", Set Projects x Masters, Masters, Saint Petersburg
"The Tears Froze", Surface Lab Art Gallery, Moscow
"One To One", Machine Tool Museum, Oktava Cluster, Tula
"Сataloge", Moscow

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Works are in private collections and in the collection of the National Center of Contemporary Art.

asia zaslavskaia
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