«Where the Wind Blows» is the one-day total installation that was created and documented in the country house. One hundred white sheets turned the old house into an abandoned manor. The fabric hid the nature of things, saved just their silhouettes and lineaments. It gave a rise to new relationships between these things, place, and light.

We didn't lose the ability to recognise familiar images. However, even nowadays we do it wrong and often misinterpret it. «Where the Wind Blows» allows the viewer to assume. The wind vane will show which way, but where do we go after?

«Where the Wind Blows» is the installation that captures the time and gives hope to the future and the return to the starting point.
Where the Wind Blows
Total installation, fabric, private house, 2022
Curator: Monica Norse
Photographer: Tasya Spector

asia zaslavskaia
[asya zaslavskaya]