The road in North Ossetia (Caucus) is a path framed by nature. Squeezed in the gorge, people are closer than in any museum to their past, to long-forgotten feelings. When nothing but the road of man and mountains, as if, does not exist. And the mountains are here, they are always stronger.
A person in the mountains is constantly in their power, as in the theater - in the power of a performance, at a concert - in the power of music, but in life - in the power of fate. And it's important to stop and realize this, visually readable dominance.
The project is an amphitheater made of gabions, located near the road and oriented towards the mountainside.

Mountain stop
Project of the XIII International Festival "Alanika",
presented at the online exhibition, 2021
asia zaslavskaia
[asya zaslavskaya]