The Motherland project is a long and deep trench in the form of connected letters, merging into one word "Motherland".
What is Motherland? Earth? Place? Something that we create, or something that creates us? Once inside the work, a person who feels the Motherland finds a way, and the rest stumble upon dead ends - silent layers of the earth.
The earth is the source of life and ... death. Similarly, inside the installation it is not clear whether you are getting close to the very beginning of life or whether you are burying yourself in the grave.
It is customary to plant big words with bushes and flowers, but sometimes the truth requires moving in the opposite direction.
Motherland is a project born at the turn of 2020 and 2021, when curator Pavel Kovalenko suggested that I make an installation about the War. The project was supposed to acquire the scale of a huge monument (a large labyrinth - more than 50 meters in length).
The project speaks louder than words about everything that is happening and has happened before.
After the outbreak of hostilities, the difficult decision was made to freeze the project, because its goal is not to glorify death, but to resist any loss.
Installation project, 2020
Motherland is a labyrinth with different paths. In the process, each time you have to make a certain choice: where to go and turn, go through the entire route or just a short way.
asia zaslavskaia
[asya zaslavskaya]