Rusted and empty cemetery chair that no one will sit on. The point is not that it cannot be repaired, but rather that it cannot be taken - this is someone else's place. The place of a person who will never come.
My installation is based on my trip to Chechnya. I return to the topic of memory - Chechnya has a very complex and long history. I personally find the topic of memory very deep and interesting.
This is poetic reconstruction of the memorial ritual. My installation demonstrates on the neutral space of museum the situation when people put chairs near graves. The Frame of chair is like metaphor of absent person. This is an indication of conversation, that is no longer possible. This is the metaphor of a double silence. A rusty chair with no one to fix because no one comes and sits down. It is free but at the same time someone else's place.
My installation exists of the chair from Caucasian cemetery, mirror that is about present, because mirror hasn't past and future and has just this moment and one video from that past time of this chair.
My work is about a broken memory. I personally believe that the person who is loved can't die. I put it in my work this way - that the person who was loved can die, because we are losing the important memory of him.

Free Place
Installation, 2020
Video, 2 chairs, mirror
2nd Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art
"A Beautiful Night For All The People"
Curators: Valentin Diaconov, Anastasia Mityushina
Recommenders:Zaur Tsugaev
Photographers:Ivan Erofeev, Yuri Palmin, Alexander Weinstein
Video fragment
Video fragment
asia zaslavskaia
[asya zaslavskaya]