The chess game consists of three parts: the opening, the middlegame, and the endgame. The opening is the initial stage of the match, during which the positioning of the pieces on the board is determined. In this part of the chess game, there are established moves, and seizing control of the center of the board is crucial as the distribution of forces takes place. The middlegame is the stage that follows the opening in a chess match, typically involving the main actions in the battle - attacks and defenses, positional maneuvers, combinations, and sacrifices. The endgame (from the German "Endspiel," meaning "final game") is the concluding part of a chess match, where the finale unfolds.
Game pieces are connected to the chessboard, much like people are connected to their homes. Even when the game concludes, the connection always remains. Any endgame is a harbinger of a new opening.
Chess, chains, mixed media, 2023
25 х 25 cm


ася заславская