What is an act? This is action. But is every action an act? Actions are like footprints. They remain somewhere behind when we ourselves go forward. They may not be noticed by anyone or noticed by someone. They can be seen by people who have never seen us in their lives. We can die, and the traces of our deeds will be in front of our descendants for many, many more years. Or not. And all that remains is a random sole print on the pavement. Tracks are rarely thought out. Deeds always need strengthand determination. The average person takes 9,000 steps per day. 9,000 tracks. How many Actions?
Until now, no one has learned to walk without leaving traces, but «Actions».

Graphics, 2016
Concept, 2015 within the exhibition of the DEZ studio number 5
"Ornament" in the DPI Museum, Moscow

asia zaslavskaia
[asya zaslavskaya]